Hi, I'm Gianna Armey.

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A recent graduate on the journey to work within the social media and fashion industries.

Career Highlights

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  • Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a major in Social Media & Digital Strategies and a minor in Fashion Studies
  • Received experience working with a Chicago-based start-up company and developed their social media
  • Two years of fashion retail experience and currently learning visual merchandising
  • Received Dean's List for two years and maintained a cumulative 3.8 GPA
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My Fashion Work

Flat Sketches from my design class.

After deciding on a theme or concept, I made multiple flat sketches showcasing different outfits. I strived to created minimalistic, simple, and elevated designs.

Samples of My Social Media Work

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Influencer Analysis and Report.

A presentation for my social media class which included multiple analysis', a mock post, and more.


what to post when?


Educate! Teach your audience something new. Maybe things like a word in a new language.


Engage! Tell a story that your audience can relate to. Make it as personal as you'd like.


Entertain! Great time to post a reel recapping the cafe event!


Inspirational! It's Monday and people are getting started with their week. Think travel, quotes, etc.


Promote! Since the cafe events are on thursday, take today to promote and remind everyone!


Inspire and Educate! Give back to your audience.


Take the day off! Instagram is usually slow on Sundays :)

Start-up Company Social Media Work.

In my capstone class, I worked with a team and collaborated with INT'L Language Cafe. I was in charge of the social media. This included both mock-ups as well as strategy.

I'd love to hear from you

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