Hi, I'm Gianna Armey.

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A recent graduate on the journey to work within the social media and fashion industries.

A bit about me

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Hi I’m Gianna!

I graduated in 2023 from Columbia College Chicago majoring in Social Media and Digital Strategies and a minor in Fashion Studies.

Although I have yet to gain industry experience, I have met amazing people along the way and have gained insight into the day to day lives in their profession.

I am eager to gain knowledge and get my foot in the door!

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My Fashion Work

While my main source of work comes from college, I have worked on a wide array of projects! Spanning from sketches, concepts, trend spotting, and even creating. Through this I was able to learn and understand techincal terms and softwares like Adobe. Let’s look!


Marketing & Campaigns

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Flat Sketches from my design class.

After deciding on a theme or concept, I made multiple flat sketches showcasing different outfits. I strived to created elevated designs.

Designs, Sketches, and Concepts

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My Social Media Work

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My work in social media spans from ideation, content creation, strategy, planning, outreach, and more! I got to learn about softwares like hoot suite sprout social, muck ruck, and more.

Influencer Report

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Influencer Analysis and Report.

A presentation for my social media class which included multiple analysis', a mock post, and more.

INT’L Language Cafe

Start-up Company Social Media Work.

In my capstone class, I worked with a team and collaborated with INT'L Language Cafe. I was in charge of the social media. This included both mock-ups as well as strategy.

Data Storytelling

For another class in my senior year, we worked on a project where we had to take data and tell a story. We focused on social issues and our local demographics and analyzed everything. I focused on the stigma around the hijab and chose to focus on the Chicago demographics.

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I'd love to hear from you

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